21st Annual VW Show-Swap-Camp Out

Held on May 11, 2015.  The winners below were chosen by a four person panel of club members. Please remember, members cannot enter their VWs in any of these competitions. Thank you so much for joining us for our 21st annual show.

Stock Vintage Meadows 1961 and Earlier

Jim Brobst 1958 Beetle from Clovis


Stock Beetle 1967 and Earlier

Bryan Peters 1966 Sunroof Beetle from Fresno


Stock Beetle 1968 and Later

Mel Souza 1970 Beetle from Newman


Stock Type II 1967 and Earlier

Larry McKenzie 1962 Westy from San Leandro


Stock Type II 1968 and Later

Paul Yocum 1971 Deluxe Baywindow from Fresno


Stock Karman Ghia

Jim Pierce 1966 Ghia from Mountain Ranch


Stock Type III

Robert Enriquez 1971 Squareback from Folsom


Stock Convertible Beetle

Pedro Mota 1969 Beetle from San Jose


Off Road

Mike Moslander 1969 Baja from Fresno


Special Interest

Jahnai Pearson 1963 Double Cab and Trailer from Richmond


Under Construction

Warren Pannet Sr. 1960 Bug from Clovis


Rat Rod

Kevin Shields 1957 Empi Sportster from Bakersfield


Custom Beetle 1967 and Earlier

Kenny Luy 1965 Beetle from Visalia


Custom Beetle 1968 and Later

John Maddock 1968 Beetle from Merced


Custom Type II 1967 and Earlier

Ian Yocum 1964 Deluxe Micro Bus from Fresno


Custom Type II 1968 and Later

Nick Guevara 1971 Bus from San Jose


Custom Karman Ghia

Bobby Welker 1967 Ghia from Fresno


Custom Type III

Jaime Flores 1969 Squareback from Bellflowe


Custom Convertible Beetle

Bunky Carrigan 1973 Thing from Cayucos



Hector Gonzalez 2003 Golf GTI from Madera



Susan Pannet 2010 Jetta from Clovis


New Beetle

Alan Boyer 2007 Convertible with trailer from Cressy



Richard Graeber 1987 Scirocco 16V from Santa Clara



Eric Henrikson 1990 Vanagon Syncro Westy from Folsom



Bob Matthew 1969 Dune Buggy from Fresno


Race Car

Ronnie Soules 1963 Beetle from Visalia


Toy Show

Jerry Buenrostro 1955 Pomona Display from Los Angeles


Most Unique Volkswagen

Jim Arbuckle  1958 Convertible from Clovis


Best Interior

Roger Bowman  1970 Beetle from Fresno


Best Engine

Ronnie Soules 1963 Beetle from Visalia


Best Paint

Dean Kristen  1967 Beetle from Vista


Randy Bewarder Memorial Best Graphics

(Randy was a painter and was Bruce’s son)

Brodie Borgogno 1968 Ghia from Sanger


Longest Drive to the Show Award

Silverio Rubio 1963 Bus from Yuma, Arizona


Eyeball Engineering Best Custom

Ron Zito 1966 Beetle from Fresno

(Also featured as a Hot VW’s cover car)


Sebring West Automotive Best Stock

Bryan Peters 1966 Sunroof Beetle from Fresnor

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