24th  Annual VW Show-Swap-Camp

Sebring West Automotive Best of Show Stock

Class 10 Danny Crawford 1966 Bug


Eyeball Engineering Best of Show Custom

Class 15 Matt Trilly 1974 Thing


Best Interior

Class 3 Troy Movius 1978 Westfalia


Best Engine

Class 14 Jeff Garmeson 1966 Fastback


Randy Bewarder Memorial Graphics

Class 24 Nick Crews 1968 Bug


Best Paint

Class 25 Kevin Espley 1966 21 Window Bus


Richard Peters Most Unique Award

Class 21 Ramon Rivera 1977 Hormiga/Ant


Class 1 Stock Vintage Meadow 1961 & Earlier

1st place: Jahanai Pearson 1961 Beetle


Class 2 Stock Type II 1967 & Earlier

1st place: Donna Atkinson 1961 Westfalia

2nd place: Tara Rodriquez 1966 Deluxe Bus


Class 3 Stock Type II 1968 & Later

1st place:  Troy Movius 1978 Westfalia

2nd place: Alfredo Lopez 1992 Mexican Bus

3rd place: Paul Machado 1979 Transporter Bus


Class 4 Stock Convertible

1st place: Alex Brena 1966 Type I Vert

2nd place: Teri Navarec 1974 Karman Ghia Vert


Class 5 Under Construction

1st place: Simeon Lomanta 1964 Standard Microbus

2nd place: Ian Yocum 1971 Panel bus


Class 6 Custom Type II 1968 & Later

1st place: Joey Giordano 1969 Bay Window Bus

2nd place: Alex Palacios 1978 Andventure Wagon


Class 7 Custom Convertible

1st place: Thomas Husselstein 1961 Convertible

2nd place: Drew Fountain 1966 Convertible


Class 8 Scirocco/Corrado/Fox

1st place: John Nanfina 1982 Scirroco


Class 9 Race Car

1st place: Corey Jones 1968 Beetle

2nd place: Jamie Allen 1974 1303


Class 10 Stock Beetle 1967 & Earlier

1st place: Lee & Lisa Stahlecker 63 Beetle Ragtop

2nd place:Jenice Hundley 1953 RHD Bug Ragtop

3rd place: Danny Cranford 1966 Bug


Class 11 Stock Beetle 1968 & Later

1st place: Mel Sousa 1970 Bug

2nd place: Doroteo Cazares 1968 Bug


Class 12 Off Road

1st place: Eric Bero 1969 Baja

2nd place: Bradley Garrett 1969 Baja


Class 13 Rat Rod

1st place: Steve Mann 1965 Sedan Rat Rod


Class 14 Custom Type III

1st place: Jeff Garmeson 1966 Fastback


Class 15 The Thing

1st place: Ray Peora 1973 Thing


Class 16 Golf/Rabbit/Cabriolet

1st place: Jonathan Tlaxialteco 2004 R32

2nd place: Matthew Whitcomb 1984 Rabbit GTI


Class 17 New Beetle Hard Top/Convertible

1st place: Alan Boyer 2009 Convertible


Class 18 Vanagon/Toureg

1st place: Cory Barrios 1987 Westfalia

2nd place: Adonay Lopez 2001 Eurovan


Class 19 Stock Ghia

1st place: Jeff Vindos 1972 Ghia


Class 20 Stock Type III

1st place: Eric Hand 1962 Notchback

2nd place: Angel Sanchez 1965 Squareback


Class 21 Special Interest

1st place: Ramon Rivera 1977 Hormiga/Ant

2nd place: Paul Yocum 1973 Will Westerner Hightop Bus


Class 22 Early Porsche

1st place: Gustavo Lara 1957 Porsche 356


Class 23 Custom Beetle 1967 & Earlier

1st place: Robert Robello 1956 Beetle

2nd place: Jason Lucero 1961 Bug

3rd place: Kevin Louie 1957 Bug


Class 24 Custom Beetle 1968 & Later

1st place: Paul Bennett 1972 Beetle

2nd place: Nick Crews 1968 Beetle

3rd place: Ken Chavez 1972 Beetle


Class 25 Custom type II 1967 & earlier

1st place: Kein Expley 1966 21 Window Bus

2nd place: Quinn Bovoman 1967 Bus

3rd place: Richi Sing 1957 Single Cab


Class 26 Custom Ghia

1st place: Brandon Jackson 1966 Ghia

2nd place: Jim Kikuchi 1964 Ghia


Class 27 Jetta/Passat/Dasher

1st place: Emilio Chavarria 2002 Jetta

2nd place: Ryan Marin 2000 Jetta Bora


Class 28 Buggy

1st place: David Trujillo 1962 Buggy

2nd place: Fred Espinosa 1968 Thunder Bug Buggy


Class 29 Toy Cars

1st place: Diego Uribe Remote Control Double Cab

2nd place: Jahanmail Pearson 196 Tippco

3rd place: Ian Yobum 1962 VW Salmon Color Bug

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Angel Sanchez 1965 Squareback