23rd Annual VW Show-Swap-Camp

We wish to thank all of our extended VW friends for attending the 23 Annual Madera VW Spring Fling. In 2017, over 450 VW’s were at the show with over 100 swappers/vendors participating.

Stock Vintage Meadows 1961 and Earlier

1st Place  Arturo Maldonado 1958 Bug


Stock Type II 1967 and  Earlier

1st Place Kurt Bainum 1959 Single Cab

2nd Place Alex Breña 65 Type II EZ-Camper


Stock Type II 1968 and Later

1st Place David & Michelle James

                1971 Bay Window Camper

2nd Place  Diegp Uribe 1971 Bus

3rd Place Roger Matthews 1968 Type II


Stock Convertible

1st Place Pete Cowper 1962 Convertible Bug

2nd Place Letty Sanchez 1976 Convertible Bug


Under Construction

1st Place Paul Yocum 1973 High Top Camper Bus

2nd Place Julio Silva 1975 Bus


Custom Type II 1968 and Later

1st Place Nick Guevara 1971 Bus

2nd Place Joey Ceppaglia 1970 Bus


Custom Convertible

1st Place Anthony Fuentes 1959 Convertible Bug

2nd Place Roberto Plata 1970 Convertible Bug



1st Place Liliana Guillen Rivera 1984 Scirocco

2nd Place Anthony Collins 1993 Corrado SLC


Race Car

1st Place Corey Jones 1968 Beetle

2nd Place Seth Gray 1971 Super Beetle


Stock Beetle 1967 and Earlier

1st Place Lee & Lisa Stahlecker 1963 Beetle Ragtop

2nd Place Teri Braun-Hernandez 1966 Bug

3rd Place Bob Kampa 1963 Beetle


Stock Beetle 1968 and Later

1st Place Luis Martinez 1968 Bug

2nd Place Mel Souza 1970 Bug


Off Road

1st Place John Mofidi 1956 Baja Bug

2nd Place George Vega 1966 Baja Beetle


Rat Rod

1st Place John Jordan 1964 Bug


The Thing

1st Place Leonardo Mendoza 1973 Thing



1st Place Raul Serrato 2000 MK4 Golf

2nd Place Hector Gonzalez 2003 GTI


New Beetle Hard Top/Convertible

1st Place Ingrid Bacelis 2003 Convertible


Stock Ghia

1st Place Heather Farmer 1966 Ghia

2nd Place Jeff Vindas 1972 Ghia


Stock Type III

1st Place Colton Lefor 1969 Type 3 Fastback

2nd Place Chris Cook 1971 Squareback


Vanagon / Toureg

1st Place Kevin Miller 1988 Vanagon


Custom Type III

1st Place Jeff Garmenson 1966 Type III Fastback


Special Interest

1st Place Luis Leguan 1976 Ant

2nd Place Grover 1969 Bug & 1960 Tent Trailer


Early Porsche

1st Place -no participants


Custom Beetle 1967 and Earlier

1st Place Chade Townsend 1952 Bug

2nd Place Victor Garcia 1960 Bug

3rd Place Isaac Kloster 1967 Bug


Custom Beetle 1968 and Later

1st Place Nick Crews 1968 Beetle

2nd Place John Jackson 1968 Beetle

3rd Place Alex Palacios 1974 Super Beetle


Custom Type II 1967 and Earlier

1st Place Quinn Boman 1967 Custom Early Type 2

2nd Place Jeff Duncan 1964 Standard Micro

3rd Place John Ramirez 1963 Type 2


Custom Ghia

1st Place Carlos Pacheco 1968 Ghia

2nd Place Jim Kikuchi 1964 Ghia



1st Place Jahanai Pearson 1980 Dasher Diesel

2nd Place Jose Torres 1984 Jetta Coupe



1st Place David Trujillo 1962 VW Dune Buggy

2nd Place Tim & Terri 1968 Playboy


Toy Show

1st Place Diego Uribe Kubalwagon

2nd Place Dre Hernandez Lego Bus

3rd Place Keana Garcia Bettle Vert Electric


Sebring West Automotive Best of Show Stock

Class 2 Jim Martin 1964 Double Cab


Eyeball Engineering Best of Show Custom

Class 12 John Mofidi 1956 Baja


Best Interior

Class 7 Anthony Fuentes 1959 Convertible Beetle


Best Engine

Class 14 Justin Heaths 1964 Notchback


Randy Bewarder Memorial Graphics

Call 24 Nick Crews 1968 Beetle


Best Paint

Class 14 Jeff Garmonson 1966 Fastback RHD

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