25th  Annual VW Show-Swap-Camp

Class 1 Stock Vintage Meadow 1961 & Earlier

1st place:  Jenice Hundley 53 Bug


Class 2 Stock Type II 1967 & Earlier

1st place:  Donna Atkinson 61 Westfalia Camper

2nd place: Simeon Lomanta 64 Micro Bus


Class 3 Stock Type II 1968 & Later

1st place:   David & Michele James 71 Bay Win Westfalia

2nd place: Neil Messick 68 Tin Top Westy

3rd place: David Martin 93 Mexican Bus


Class 6 Custom Type II 1968 & Later

1st place:   Joey Giordano 69 Safari Bay

2nd place:  Jorge Joshua Davila 72 Bay Window Bus


Class 4 Stock Beetle 1967 & Earlier

1st place:  Danny Cranford 66 Bug

2nd place: Bobby & Debbie Hester 67 Bug

3rd place:  Amilcar Cifuentes  63 Bug


Class 5 Stock Beetle 1968 & Later

1st place:  Mel Souza 70 Bug

2nd place:  David Bailey 74 Super Beetle


Class 8 Custom Beetle 1967 & Earlier

1st place:  Esgar Ibarra 63  Beetle

2nd place:  Ruben Aldaco 57 Bug

3rd place:  Miguel Pimentel 55  3 Fold Rag-Euro Bug


Class 9 Custom Beetle 1968 & Later

1st place:  Villa Gascon 68 Beetle

2nd place: Alfredo Lopez 03 Mexican Beetle

3rd place:  Tony Johnson 70 Bug


Class 7 Custom type II 1967 & earlier

1st place:  Bob Tumazi  56 Deluxe Micro Bus

2nd place:  David Hicks  58 Bus

3rd place:  Jeff Duncan 64 Bus


Class 10 Type III (Notchback, Fastback & Squareback)

3rd place: Chavo Quintana 70 Squareback

2nd place: Angel Sanchez 65 Squareback

1st place: Ray Diaz  67 Fastback


Class 11 Convertible (Stock & Custom

3rd place: Tim Riche  71 Ghia Convertible

2nd place: Carl Engel 67 Bug

1st place: Anthony Fuentes 59 Bug


Class 12 Ghia (Stock & Custom)

3rd place: Jim Kikuchi 64 Ghia

2nd place: Gustavo Lara 65 Ghia

1st place: Steve Amador 63 Ghia


Class 13 Buggy

2nd place: Brian Jones 69 Buggy

1st place: Dick Winslow 63 Kit Car


Class 14 Thing

3rd place: Chris Gonzalez 74 Thing

2nd place: Leonardo Mendoza 73 Thing

1st place: Brad & Liz Allen 74 Thing


Class 15 Rat Rod

1st place: John Yerry 59 Rat Rod Vert


Class 16 Off Road

2nd place: Peggy Martinez 59 Baja

1st place: Matt & Shauna Tilley 74 Thing


Class 17 Race Car

No entries this season


Class 18 Special Interest

2nd place: Ramon Rivera 77 Hormiga

1st place: Kevin Espley  66 Fridolin


Class 19 Under Construction

2nd place: Dave Guidry Jr. 62 Bug

1st place: Efrain Zaval 65 Sedan Type 1


Class 20 Watercooled (All Types)

6th place: Robert Lujah 86 MK2 GTI

5th place: Rick Williez 08 R32

4th place: Mario Olivo 01 Jetta

3rd place: Mike Carrillo 79 Golf

2nd place: Emilio Chavarria 02 Jetta

1st place: Jahani Pearson 84 Jetta Diesel


Class 21 Toy Car

3rd place: Matt Blackcloud  Remote Radio Buggy

2nd place: PIerce Hanning  VW Wagon Blue

1st place: Denise Grider  Pink Beetle


Class 18 Richard Peter's Most Unique Trophy

Kevin Espley  66 Fridolin


Sebring West Automotive BEST OF SHOW

Jenice Hundley  53 Bug


Eyeball Engineering BEST OF SHOW CUSTOM

Bobby Robello  56 Beetle



David & Michelle James 71 Bay Window Westy



Danny Cranford  66 Bug


Randy Bewarder Memorial BEST GRAPHICS PLAQUE

Gabriel Perez 65 Bug



Anthony Fuentes 59 Bug

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