22nd Annual VW Show-Swap-Camp

Held on April 24th, 2016.  The winners below were chosen by a four person panel of club members. Please remember, members cannot enter their VWs in any of these competitions. Thank you so much for joining us for our 22nd annual show.

Stock Vintage Meadows 1961 and Earlier

1st Place  Jeff Gamble 1958


Stock Type II 1967 and  Earlier

1st Place Larry & Ruth Ann 1965

2nd Place Savatore Scolaro 1965


Stock Type II 1968 and Later

1st Place Roger Matthews 1968

2nd Place  Raul Quidada 1978

3rd Place Paul Machado  1979


Stock Convertible

1st Place Clyde Johnson 1979

2nd Place Joel Durant 1966


Under Construction

1st Place Victor Garcia  1966

2nd Place David Solarzano 1966


Custom Type II 1968 and Later

1st Place Nick Guerrara 1971

2nd Place Lee & Jerry Fisher 1969


Custom Convertible

1st Place John Salinas 1962

2nd Place Mike & Shevan Bell 1970



1st Place Uriel Gonzalez 1992

2nd Place Jose Meservey 1992


Race Car

1st Place Robert Johnson 1976

2nd Place Corey Jones 1968


Stock Beetle 1967 and Earlier

1st Place Bob Kampa 1963

2nd Place David Barnett 1961

3rd Place Eric Sosa 1966


Stock Beetle 1968 and Later

1st Place Luis Martinez 1968

2nd Place Kevin George 1968


Off Road

1st Place John Conway 1964

2nd Place Mike Moslander 1969


Rat Rod

1st Place Bryan Anderson-White Rat


The Thing

1st Place Roger Boman 1974



1st Place Uriel Gonzalez 1995

2nd Place Mario Gayton 1981


New Beetle Hard Top/Convertible

1st Place Ingrid Bacelis 2003


Stock Ghia

1st Place James Pierce 1966

2nd Place Jaime Peralta 1967


Stock Type III

1st Place Aron Poss 1971

2nd Place Eric Hand 1962


Custom Type III

1st Place James Harris 1965


Special Interest

1st Place Joaquin Jimenez 1966

2nd Place Jahni Pearson 1962


Early Porsche

1st Place Tyler Carlson 1959


Custom Beetle 1967 and Earlier

1st Place J Enrique Beltron 1964

2nd Place Raul Maroquin 1963

3rd Place Ramon Rivera 1967


Custom Beetle 1968 and Later

1st Place Alfredo Lopez Rosales 1998

2nd Place Robert Robell 1968

3rd Place Jake Brown 1969


Custom Type II 1967 and Earlier

1st Place Todd Springer 1965

2nd Place Jeff Duncan 1964

3rd Place Dez Cobb 1966


Custom Ghia

1st Place Dan Ragasa 1968

2nd Place Carlos Pancheco 1968



1st Place Luis Cruz 2004

2nd Place Loren Sjostrom 2002



1st Place David Placer 1968

2nd Place Bob Matthews 1969


Toy Show

1st Place Jahnai Pearson

2nd Place Keanna Zoe

3rd Place Ismael Membrano


Furtherest Travel

Alfredo Gallo Class 5, Long Beach


Most Club Members

Pata De Perro-13 from San Jose Area


Old Hot Rod Style Trophy

Richard Peters


Most Unique Trophy

Bruce Bewader


Sebring West Automotive Best of Show Stock

Salvatore Scolaro


Eyeball Engineering Best of Show Custom

James Harris


Best Interior

Mark Amavizca


Best Engine

Ryan & Jerad Riddle


Randy Bewarder Memorial Graphics

John Jackson


Best Paint

Robert Robello

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